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Terms & Conditions

This website belongs to MarieStephanie S.R.L., a company headquartered in 35 Garii str., Videle, Teleorman county, registered with the Trade Registry under no. 34/462/2019, sole registration code 41048488 (the “Company”).

This document sets forth the terms and conditions for the utilization of this web site (the “Web Site”) and the purchasing conditions of the products and services offered on this Web Site (hereinafter the “Terms and Conditions”).

The Return Policy, the Confidentiality Policy and the other documents referred under this document are part of the Terms and Conditions. Upon the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, you agree to be bound by the Return Policy, Confidentiality Policy and all the other documents mentioned hereunder. In the event you do not agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions, we kindly ask you not to use this Web Site.

The Company reserves the right to modify the Terms and Conditions at any moment. Any amendment of the Terms and Conditions shall enter into force only in respect of the new orders, received after the publication of the respective amendment on this Web Site. Hence, prior to placing an order, please check the Terms and Conditions, as amendments may have occurred since your last visit.

Should you have any questions on the Terms and Conditions, please contact us by mail to ….

The conclusion of the agreement

After placing of an order through this Web Site, you will receive a confirmation from the Company within 3 days, via email. The long-distance contract between yourself and the Company for the sale of the products indicated in the placed order shall be concluded at the time of the transmission of the confirmation.

Payment means

The price of the products sold through the Web Site may be paid online or as cash on delivery payment (cash on delivery payment is available only for the products delivered in Romania).

The online payment of the products may be safely done using a card. For the purpose of ensuring the security of the transactions, the Company uses the payment solutions offered by MobilPay. Payments are made in Romanian lei, at the exchange rate of the bank issuer of your card, in case such card is related to a bank account in another currency than Romanian lei. The Company does not require and does not keep any details related to your card.

The Products

Please bear in mind the following aspects of outmost importance:

  1. The colors of the products, as presented on the Web Site, may be different in reality, as such depend on several aspects, including, without limitation, the settings of your monitor;

  2. The photos and images on the Web Site are illustrative. A precise description of the products and their features is included in the description section related to each item;

  3. The products shall be delivered to the extent such are available. Thus, there is a risk that the Company may not deliver your order. The conclusion of the sale contract takes place, under the Romanian law, at the issuance by the Company of the confirmation of your order. In addition, the Company reserves the right at any moment to withhold a product from its offer. In such situation, the sole liability of the Company to you is to reimburse in full the amounts you may have paid for the respective products the Company may no longer deliver / has withheld from its offer.

Delivery of the products

The products ordered through the Web Site will be delivered via courier. The delivery fee shall be paid simultaneously with the payment of the products, to the extent the value of the product(s) is below Romanian lei 400. The delivery fee shall be incurred by the Company to the extent the value of the product(s) is above Romanian lei 400. The Company may organize from time to time campaigns in which the above value of the purchase is reduced. The delivery fees shall be communicated at the time of the ordering.

The delivery term is of 3 business days and within such term your parcel shall be handed over to the courier. We reserve the right to increase such term during the periods when the orders volume is high (end of the year, holidays, etc.). In such case, a representative of the Company shall contact you to confirm with you the new delivery term.

After the delivery of the parcel to the courier, you will receive an email with the AWB number to enable you to verify the status of the transport, the number and value of the order, the payment mean and the estimated delivery date, as case may be.

Upon delivery, the purchaser shall check the packaging and the number of parcels. In the event there are obvious deficiencies or there are missing or incorrect items, such findings should be indicated in the delivery documents.

Termination right

You are entitled to terminate the long – distance contract concluded with the Company for the purchase of MarieStephanie products within 14 days, for convenience and without penalties (other than the return costs of the product to the Company).

The 14-days term lapses as of the day you received the product or, in case an order included several products, which are delivered through separate parcels, as of the day you received the last product. The termination right is deemed as exercised within the abovementioned 14-days term in case the notice on the exercising of the termination right is delivered prior to the expiry of the respective period.

In the event you enforce your termination right, you have the obligation to return the products to the Company without delay and at the latest within 14 days as of the notice served to the Company on the termination of the contract. The term is deemed observed if the products are sent back to the Company within the 14-days term.

In order to exercise your termination right, please fill in the form available here. Within 3 days as of the receipt thereof, a representative of the Company shall contact you to schedule the collection of the returned product(s).

In the event you return the products, the Company shall reimburse you all the amounts received as payment from your side, including, if the case, the delivery fees, without delays and, in all cases, no later than 30 days as of the moment it is informed on the decision to terminate the contract.

The above amounts shall be reimbursed to your bank account, with the bank fees being paid by the Company.

The Company is under no obligation to reimburse additional costs in case you expressly have chosen another delivery than the standard delivery offered by the Company.

The reimbursement of the amounts shall be postponed up to the moment the sold products are received by the Company or up to the moment an evidence of the delivery to the Company is provided, whichever occurs first.

You are liable for any loss in value of the products due to handling, not observing the nature, features and purpose of the products. In such cases, the loss shall be set off with the amounts the Company is obliged to reimburse further to the termination of the contract.

Legal warranty

The products offered by the Company are subject to the legal warranty as per Law no. 449//2003 on the sale of products and the related warranties.

The Company is liable for a defect, if such becomes apparent within 2 years as of the delivery. In order to enforce the legal warranty, you must inform the Company on the defect within 2 months as of the discovery of the defect.

In case you find a defect, you are entitled to the repairing of the product, free of charge, provided that such is possible and does not entail disproportionate costs. If this is the situation, you shall be entitled to the replacement of the product, the decrease of the price or the termination of the contract in respect of the relevant product.

Decrease of the price or termination the contract may be required if:

  • The Company does not provide you with the repairing or replacement of the product;

  • The Company has not provided any remedy within a reasonable term or has provided remedies entailing material disadvantages for you.

Termination of the contract is not possible in case of minor defects.

Considering the nature of the products, the defects are exclusively related to the physic and objective features of the products. Kindly bear in mind that our products are hand crafted; therefore minor defects of the stitches shall not be deemed as defects, but as evidencing the hand crafted nature of MarieStephanie products.

No guarantee is offered in case the products are kept or handled in improper manners. In addition, cleaning of the products without observing the specific instructions may lead to the cancellation of the guarantee.

Claims related procedure

In case you encounter any issues on the Web Site or you have a complaint related to any of our products, please contact us at …. We will revert to you with a response as soon as practicable.

Web Site security

Any links to other web sites or documents of third parties posted on the Web Site, if the case, are included for information purposes exclusively; the Company undertakes no liability for the content of such web sites or documents or for the products and services advertised or sold through such web sites.

Intellectual property

The content and advertisements on this Web Site, together with all our products, are covered by intellectual property rights belonging to the Company. The use of any material published on this Web Site in absence of the express consent of the Company triggers sanctions pursuant to the applicable law.

Applicable law

The use of the Web Site, the placement of orders and the conclusion of the long-distance contracts through the Web site are governed by the Romanian law.