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Our Story - Designer Maternity Wear

We are two mothers of two. After having passed through our pregnancies and finding it difficult to purchase high-class, specially designed maternity wear, we embarked on a crazy journey to create our dream pregnancy outfits. This is how MarieStephanie came to life, with the purpose of offering affordable, designer maternity wear to future moms all over the world.

With our own bodies undergoing dramatic changes during our pregnancies, we think we understand first-hand how important it is for maternity clothes to allow easy moving and breathing, but at the same time appear graceful and elegant. Hence, we envisaged our perfect pregnancy outfits to be intricately feminine, with fluid shapes that flatter a future mom’s body, without hindering her movements in any way.  Altogether, we imagined fine textures, pleasantly comfortable for the skin and fittingly soft for the constantly changing forms, that look elegant, or professional, or simply chic.     

During pregnancy, not only does our body change, but also our mood. A future mom might at some point choose to conceal the little secret growing inside her – either for professional or simply personal reasons. At other times, she may find herself wanting to scream to the world about the little miracle inside. Hence, we have exclusively designed clothes that “hide” or, on the contrary, “show off” your growing bump. Either way, MarieStephanie unique pregnancy clothes aim to make future moms feel confident, beautiful and comfortable.  It takes 9 months to give birth to a baby and we wanted to offer choices for all occasions a future mom may attend during this time.

Hence, here we are: proud of what we have been designing for months and have lovingly made from premium fabrics, in Europe. We are utterly delighted to share with you what we feel is a unique, designer collection that promises to hug your pregnant body, bring comfort and make you feel exquisitely elegant and feminine during your pregnancy. Our fine maternity clothes promise to raise your spirits and make you love every minute of your unique maternity experience. We hope you enjoy them.

Lovingly yours,


Designer Maternity Wear